Mike DeWine: Not on the side of Ohio workers

Over and over again, Mike DeWine has turned his back on Ohio workers. DeWine…

… wants to drag Ohio back into divisive fights over anti-worker “right-to-work” laws.

Mike DeWine says he supports allowing anti-worker initiatives on the Ohio ballot, despite the fact that Ohioans overwhelmingly rejected efforts to undermine Ohio unions in 2011.

Right-to-work laws drive down wages for union and non-union workers alike — particularly for women and people of color.  In addition, workers in right-to-work states are less likely to have health insurance. These so-called “right-to-work” laws are detrimental to workers.

… voted against protecting workers, their families, and their communities from sudden plant closures and mass layoffs.

Mike DeWine voted against the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act, which requires employers to provide workers 60 days notice before plant closures or mass layoffs.

The WARN Act — which became law despite DeWine’s opposition — gives workers and their families time to adjust and prepare for loss of employment. In 2017 alone, the WARN Act helped at least 11,000 workers in Ohio prepare for layoffs or job losses.


Mike DeWine has repeatedly opposed giving hard-working Ohioans a much-needed raise, including…

opposing a Department of Labor measure extending overtime protections.

The measure would have extended overtime protections to 351,000 Ohioans, helping workers get compensated fairly for their work and providing more time to spend with their families.

… intervening with local efforts to give workers a raise.

Mike DeWine’s intervention told Ohio cities that they can’t increase their minimum wages above Ohio’s minimum wage — denying the will of voters and local officials.


Mike DeWine has supported trade deals that have cost Ohio jobs and hurt communities. DeWine…

… supported NAFTA.

Mike DeWine insisted that NAFTA “will ultimately create a lot of jobs in Ohio.”1  Ohio lost 50,000 jobs — primarily blue-collar jobs — to NAFTA.

… voted twice for CAFTA.2

… voted against protecting American jobs.

Mike DeWine voted against legislation to curb the shipping of jobs overseas3, voted to keep tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas4and voted to end the Defense Department’s ‘Buy American’ requirement.5

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